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From laiko, rebetiko and dimotiko - the beginning, the continuation, the life, the fire - the music of George Dalaras goes through and opens all kinds of "windows". To the beauty of the Balkans, flying across Europe with its fado and tango, reaching Ireland, crossing the ocean and leaving its mark on country and rock.

BTV | review | 03 September 2023

George Dalaras and the eyes that burn

Some of the most powerful encounters happen because of the place, happen because of the specific person, and survive through time because of the beauty of their nature. At the Ancient Theater in Plovdiv, George Dalaras met many old friends, but he also certainly made new ones...

24 hours | review | 03 September 2023

Sa-ga-po!, chanted 4,000 on their feet to George Dalaras in Plovdiv

"I have sung in many theaters around the world, but I have never had such a warm evening as the one in Plovdiv, and it will remain forever in my life with these thousands of eyes watching me"...