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The Phantom of the Opera

You cannot see such singing and interpretation and playing in our country. These are artists who specialize in playing this kind of music and are truly magnificent.

The Little Prince

In this performance, every minute is a stunning feast for the senses, delivered with perfect simplicity and ease by an impeccable cast.

George Dalaras

From laiko, rebetiko and dimotiko - the beginning, the continuation, the life, the fire - the music of George Dalaras goes through and opens all kinds of "windows". To the beauty of the Balkans, flying across Europe with its fado and tango, reaching Ireland, crossing the ocean and leaving its mark on country and rock.

Melodi Gardot

Music brings her back to life after a serious accident. A star is born. But how?

Ara Malikian

He is not just a violinist. Just like one of his idols, Niccolò Paganini, Ara Malikian created a new concept of the violin and how we might perceive it today.

Il Volo

For more than 10 years now, they have conquered the pop-opera scene all over the world, and the audience adores them.

Andre Rieu

"My concerts are about joy and love. We should make our decisions in life with our hearts, not our heads."

Beth Hart

Anyone who has had the pleasure of seeing Beth Hart live knows that this is more than a concert, it is a life-changing experience.


Classical, Hungarian folk and rock music. He is the artist who manages to combine these three styles and turns them into absolute harmony.

Luka Sulic

Absolutely unadulterated, without an ounce of pomposity, dressed in jeans, a t-shirt and sneakers, but with enormous talent and boundless desire.

Postmodern Jukebox

Known as "the music box of time", PMJ meet excited audiences on five continents with some of the greatest hits arranged in classic styles of the early 20th century.

National Ballet of Spain

The soloist of the National Ballet of Spain, Sergio Bernal, lives in Ravel's bolero as beautifully as if it was written by the author just for him. He recreates on stage the duende of the composer, that divine particle, so sought after, desired and unattainable.